Hands-On With The Mighty Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M

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It’s huge! That’s the first you’ll mention when getting the watch in your hands. Huge, as in HUGE! Not huge like a Panerai Luminor or like an IWC Big Pilot, but really massive. And beautiful. But let’s stick to the size first. The diameter of this watch is, according to my own measurements, a whopping 52,5 mm. But the diameter certainly isn’t the only variable which makes this watch show so massive. That is the combination of its thickness of almost 22 mm and a strap width of 29 mm. Even the strap’s buckle, with a width of 22 mm, adds to it.

Citizen’s Duratect MRK is a technology that maintains titanium’s original properties while hardening the surface of the material itself (as opposed to applying a coating to it). Two gases are injected into a special vacuum furnace and heat treatment applied to produce a hard layer about 20 to 30 microns thick on the surface of the titanium.

Electricity and water always have been enemies, and just for the sake of that, I could make the excuse that a mechanical watch is more water-friendly than an electronic one. Mind you a waterfilled drowned mechanical watch wouldn’t run anymore as well, but we’ve all seen watches damping up because some moisture entered the watch’ casing.

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